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Performance Video – Windows Server 2012 ODX on EMC arrays

May 31, 2013 Leave a comment

If you’ve ever wanted to know like how fast data can be copied in Windows Server 2012, watch this video .

All new technologies with the new ODX and SMB3 technologies in Windows Server 2012, it is now possible to speed up data copy with EMC Storage


Microsoft Jumpstart Videos for Windows Server 2012 Exam 70-417 Prep

November 7, 2012 Leave a comment


for all,  that has the Microsoft Jumpstart could not see live , here are the links to the session videos.

Session 1: Installing and configuring servers based on Windows Server 2012 – no link

Session 2: Monitoring and maintaining Windows Server 2012  – no link

Session 3: Managing Windows Server 2012 by using Windows PowerShell 3.0

Session 4: Managing storage for Windows Server 2012

Session 5: Implementing network services

Session 6: Implementing Direct Access

Session 7: Implementing failover clustering – no link

Session 8: Implementing Hyper-V

Session 9: Implementing failover clustering with Hyper-V

Session 10: Implementing Dynamic Access Control

Session 11: Implementing Active Directory Domain Services

Session 12: Implementing Active Directory Federation Services


Thanks to Rick Claus & Ed Liebermann



Performance Guideline and Server Performance Advisor 3.0

August 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Windows Server 2012 is RTM and new Documents and Tools are online for performance Troubleshooting, Diagnostic or Tuning.

– Server Performance Advisor 3.0 – to diagnostic Performance on WS08, WS08R2 and WS2012

– Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2012

Included in this white paper:

  • Choosing and Tuning Server Hardware
  • Performance Tuning for the Networking Subsystem
  • Performance Tools for Network Workloads
  • Performance Tuning for the Storage Subsystem
  • Performance Tuning for Web Servers
  • Performance Tuning for File Servers
  • Performance Tuning for a File Server Workload (FSCT)
  • Performance Counters for SMB 3.0
  • Performance Tuning for File Server Workload (SPECsfs2008)
  • Performance Tuning for Active Directory Servers
  • Performance Tuning for Remote Desktop Session Host (Formerly Terminal Server)
  • Performance Tuning for Remote Desktop Virtualization Host
  • Performance Tuning for Remote Desktop Gateway
  • Performance Tuning Remote Desktop Services Workload for Knowledge Workers
  • Performance Tuning for Virtualization Servers
  • Performance Tuning for SAP Sales and Distribution
  • Performance Tuning for OLTP Workloads